Nonprofit services

grant writing

Well crafted grant narratives and budgets tell the story of your nonprofit and compel grantmakers to fund your programs, projects, and services.

How do you currently tell the story of your work to grantmakers?

Cook Creative and Consulting is a full-service grant writing shop that helps you find and secure funding. I help you with any part of the grant writing process from funding research to writing. I also produce collateral and supplementary materials for grant applications, including annual reports, organizational overviews, and program brochures.


  • Grant funding research (FoundationCenter, GrantStation, 990s)

  • Reviewing and/or editing a written proposal prior to submission

  • Writing letters of interest/inquiry, full proposals, and applications

  • Collateral and supplementary materials: annual reports, organizational overviews, program brochures, etc.

marketing & communications

What sets apart well-known nonprofits from the rest is how they communicate their mission-in-action. Crafting and sharing your story is the quintessential piece of the puzzle when it comes to building relationships with community champions, potential funders, volunteers, and even the people you serve. 

How do you currently craft and share your story?

Cook Creative and Consulting offers full-shop writing and editing services to help you craft and share your message to a variety of audiences through:


  • Internal and External Newsletters

  • Blog posts and Press Releases

  • Printed Marketing Materials (flyers, brochures, programs)

  • Mass mailings

  • Social Media Campaigns and Management

graphic design

Visuals are a key component of making any mission come alive. Whether it's annual reports or marketing materials, each medium is an opportunity to connect your mission to impact by showcasing the people you serve and work that you do.

How do you currently visually communicate your mission and impact?

Cook Creative and Consulting makes your story come alive through visual elements. Whether it's a one-time creative design project, like an annual report, or setting you up for long-term success by training staff in Canva and providing easy to use, branded, templates, I help you share your mission in color.


  • Annual reports

  • Fundraising materials (pledge cards, program and event guides, brochures)

  • Digital and printed marketing materials

  • Select signage 

  • Setting you up for long-term success: branded templates and training in Canva